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Crystal A. Isaac xtal at sigenetics.com
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If you are willing to forgive the spelling, there are several recipes for
whiskey in _The Complete Receipt Book of Ladie Elynor Fettiplace_. Published
by Stuart Press, Bristol England. C1994 Historical Management Associates
However, they all seem to require some form of distillation or the addition
of distilled spirits.

For Example:
Volume 2, Page 23
"To make Ushebaugh.DV
Take strong Ale & still it in a lymbeck, when you have drawne as much as
will run out of it, put it into the pott againe, & to fower gallons of it
put half a pound of annisseed, brused, & still it againe into the glas, that
it runs in, put half a pound of licoras scraped & brused, & half a pound
reasins of the sunne, the stones pulled out, & some saffron, let it bee a
great glasse that it runs into, that it may receive all the aquavitie in the
pot, so let it stand fower dayes, & then straine it out, & so keep it in
glasses, put in some twentie cloves bruised into the glasse, when you put in
the licoras and reasins."

I don't think the word "whiskey" (in all of its glorious spellings) goes
back to before the invention of distillation (12th century?). I'm not sure
what a non-distilled whiskey would be, other than ale, of course :)

Anybody have more information?


Crystal A. Isaac
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I have heard that there is an older way of making whiskey by brewing, not
distillation, that dates to 17th c. Does anyone have further information?


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