hist-brewing: Libellus de arte coquinaria

Donald P. Beistle dbeistle at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jul 29 07:05:24 PDT 2001

The following notice came over an academic listserv today, and I thought
some on this list might be interested in it. Enjoy...

 -- Don Beistle

> "Libellus de arte coquinaria" An Early Northern Cookbook, ed. and trans. by
> Rudolf Grewe [deceased] and Constance B. Hieatt; Medieval and Renaissance
> Texts and Studies, vol. 222; Arizona Center for Medieval and
> Renaissance Studies, Tempe, Arizona, 2001.
> The jacket blurb reads: The collection of medieval culinary recipes here
> published dates from the early thirteenth century and is likely to be the
> earliest witness we have to a number of recipes that appear again and again
> in later medieval collections.  This critical edition of thirty-five recipes
> from four Danish, Icelandic, and Low German manuscripts records culinary
> themes that were to flourish throughout the later Middle Ages and is a major
> contribution to the literature on food.  The volume includes translations,
> textual notes, a commentary, and detailed indices covering utensils,
> procedures. ingredients, dishes, and a glossary for each of the three
> languages.
> To order, the address is
> Cornell University Press Services
> PO Box 6525
> Ithaca
> NY 14851
> email: orderbook at cupserv.org
> Phone: 800 666-2211
> Fax: 800 688-2877
> You can order on email by credit card; the book costs $22 plus shipping. If
> you need it in a big hurry ask them for express mail or the like.
> One further comment: there are no "adapted" recipes in the book, but most of
> the recipes are so simple anyone could adapt them.  For example, "One should
> boil a whole hen with sage leaves, pork meat diced as small as peas, vinegar
> and salt."

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