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Sat Jul 14 09:44:34 PDT 2001

Scotti writes:
>    When I brew hopped Period beers, I use East Kent Goldings, which
>are relatively low in IBUs.  I do so because they are the only hops I know 
>which are routinely recommended for both bittering and aroma.  (Anybody 
>think of any others??)  That to me implies that they are closer to the 
>stock back before we started breeding selectively for either bittering or 

I contend that any hop can be used for bittering and for aroma.  It depends
on whether you like the aroma of the hop.  Many varieties, like Nugget,
are typically listed as "bittering" although I like their aromatic
character.  There isn't a single hop that I would consider to be unusable
as an aroma hop (so long as you stay within some style boundaries if you
are brewing for authenticiy or competition... for example, you wouldn't
want to use East Kent Goldings for a competition Bohemian Pilsner aroma).

Jeff writes (quoting Randy):
>>I am also one who dislikes the "spent" character of old used-up malt husks
>>and rootlets in bread,

I seem to recall someone (Jack Schmidling?) running spent grains through a
close-spaced mill a few times before using for baking bread.

>I agree.  Of course, if you can get crystal wheat malt, that has the 
>advantage of no husks (or rootlets - but my malt doesn't have 
>rootlets, either - where are you getting yours, Randy?).

I suspect Randy meant "acrospires" which I find thousands of floating on top
of my mash.  They appear to be lighter than the husks.  I suspect that bran
is also insoluble and therefore part of the spent grain.  Say, if you have
an old Corona mill, that would be perfect for turning spent grain into
something that's useful for breadmaking (it's actually meant to make
flour/meal for tortillas).


Al Korzonas, Home Glen, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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