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Jeff Renner JeffRenner at mediaone.net
Fri Jul 13 05:22:16 PDT 2001

Randy Mosher <rmosher at 21stcentury.net> wrote

>I am also one who dislikes the "spent" character of old used-up malt husks
>and rootlets in bread, but I've found that cracked crystal malt lends a
>pleasant sweetness with an intriguing nuttiness. And, of course, that malt,
>as we know, is about as good a yeast food as can be found. Try it sometime,
>1/2-1 cup per loaf.

I agree.  Of course, if you can get crystal wheat malt, that has the 
advantage of no husks (or rootlets - but my malt doesn't have 
rootlets, either - where are you getting yours, Randy?).

It isn't a good idea to use regular unspent malt at this level - the 
proteolytic enzymes are hard on the gluten and can make the dough 
sticky and not hold gas.  crystal malt, of course, has no enzymes.

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