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Jeff Renner JeffRenner at mediaone.net
Wed Jul 11 05:36:57 PDT 2001

"Juleigha" <Juleigha at lvcm.com> wrote

>Is there anyone familiar with making bread from the leftover grains from
>brewing?  I have searched for a good recipe, but cannot find one.

If you can track down a copy of the infamous "bottle opener" issue of 
Zymurgy (Vol. 20, no. 1, Spring, 1997), I have an article called 
"Bread for bakers" that includes some hints on spent grains as an 
ingredient in bread, as well as the use of last runnings and yeast.

I must confess that I've never really liked spent grains in bread 
because of the husks.  They really aren't very chewable.  But some 
breads taste pretty good.

I suggest substituting spent grains for some of the liquid and flour 
in your favorite recipe, based on the fact that spent grains are 
about 70-80% liquid and the balance dry matter.  That means that for 
every pound of spent grains (~3-1/2 cups unpacked), you must reduce 
the liquid in a recipe by about 1-1/2 cups and the flour by about 3 
ounces  (~2/3 cup).

Other hints and recipes in the article.  Sadly, it is not available 
online, but you can buy back issues (800-UCANBREW [I think] or 

Jeff Renner in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, JeffRenner at mediaone.net
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