hist-brewing: RE: US Laws on Spirits, Wine, and Beer

AlannnnT at aol.com AlannnnT at aol.com
Tue Jun 26 05:00:05 PDT 2001

For those in the mood to digress to the distilation issue, you can move the 
discussion the the Distilled Beverage list. The owner can be contacted at <A 
HREF="mailto:dbd at hbd.org">dbd at hbd.org</A>.  I think it's only polite to 
respect the wishes of this list's owner and keep the discussion on topic. 

This may be a free country, but this list is someone's forum, the owner of 
which has the right (and obligation?) to set his/her own rules for use. 
Bashing the list owner is the same as insulting your dinner host.

Alan Talman

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