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Sean Sweeney glutenfreebeer at home.com
Mon Jun 25 10:13:12 PDT 2001

I'm glad someone got around to addressing the misconception that ice beers
were illegal to make on a homebrew scale in the US.  Here is a link to the
specific ATF rules section that covers freeze concentration of beer:


As you see, as long as the character of the original beer is not substantially
changed after freeze concentration, then no transgression of the law has been
made.  This would be the case with most homebrewed examples of ice beer, as
the alcohol concentration only increases a few percentage points.

Sean Sweeney
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» Scotti,
» Thanks. While this may bore non-US readers, it's very important that
» US folks understand that even something as innocent as freeze
» distillation is unfortunately illegal here.
» -- greg

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