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Sorbistat will prevent any fermentation. If you look at the ingredients 
on a soda bottle, it will list it as a preservative.  
This stops yeast cell growth.  It can also be used to make sweet desert 
wines.  Once fermentation is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY finished, add 
sorbistat and then sweeten to taste.  It will stop any NEW fermentation, 
not stop an existing one.

JazzboBob at aol.com wrote:

> Thanks to Al K. and Steven for responding with some correct 
> information about
> yeast.  I routinely ferment strong ales (Barley Wines, Olde Ales, Belgium
> Strong Ales) that go to 12% by using a good quantity of fresh Ale Yeast
> repitched from a batch of my beer and properly oxygenating the wort.  
> Sanitation is always a great priority, especially when repitching 
> yeast.  I
> would only do this with a liquid yeast culture that you have 
> experience with
> and can trust it's purity.
> I make homemade sodas by making a strong flavored tea from the 
> ingredients
> and then force carbonating it in a keg with filtered water and 
> sweetener to
> taste.  I've had batches of rootbeer and ginger ale last for two 
> months in my
> refrigerator without problems of wild fermentation.  I have a 
> suggestion for
> people without kegs and CO2 that want to avoid yeast carbonation of 
> homemade
> soda.  Simply create a strong extract, add a liquid sweetener (maple 
> syrup is
> delicious or a sugar syrup will work too) and add this to a glass of
> carbonated water.  Bottled seltzer is pretty cheap and makes an easy 
> mixer
> for your own flavored extracts.
> Bob Grossman
> Dear Rory,
> I poked around at Lallemand.com, makers of the
> nottingham ale yeast I like to use, and here is what
> Dr. Clayton Cone of lallemand says..
> http://www.lallemand.com/danstar-lalvin/beerfaq.html#higrav
> "Most ale yeast can easily ferment up to 12% abv as
> long as it is healthy and happy. The pH of wort (4.0+)
> is optimum for this level of alcohol production (wine
> with a pH as low as 3.0, is stressful on the yeast and
> yet they easily reach 12 - 15 % abv.)."
> Regards,
> Steven Sanders

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