hist-brewing: Meridian Brewers Guild

PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Mon Jun 11 17:26:28 PDT 2001

    We're going to make a try at reviving the Meridian Brewers Guild,
or more correctly, the Meridian Brewing, Vintning, Mead-Making, and 
Cordialer's Guild, which died several years ago of too much paperwork.
This time, we're going to try to minimize the paperwork by doing it all 
on the Net.
    This group List < SCA-Meridian-Brewers at yahoogroups.com >, 
which is already set up, will be our primary vehicle.  If you live in 
and are interested in brewing, vintning, mead-making, or cordial-making,
and would like a place to ask questions and swap recipes, please go to
Yahoogroups and join this list.  If you run into problems, let me know by 
e-mail; I'm the list owner.
    THL Scotti mac Curraugh
    Barony of Seleone, Kingdom of Meridies
    On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, southeast of Gulf Wars

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