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    JLewis at birch.com Inquired about making wine from blackberries.
Here's a reply from my Laurel.      I hope this is of use to all who want to 
make berry wines.
In a message dated 6/10/01 11:03:30 AM Central Daylight Time, 
baronfin at datasync.com writes:

>    Anyway, in order to answer the good gentles questions. The ratio is 4 
>  of fruit for each gallon of wine. I also add 3 lb. of sugar for each 
gallon of
>  wine. Here is a quick and dirty description of how I produce blackberry 
>      1. The fruit is first washed in a sulfite solution to remove any wild 
> yeast and then frozen.
>      2. When I am ready to make wine I put the frozen fruit in a 
fermentation bag
>  (a nylon mesh bag available from most wine making supply shops), tie the 
> shut and place it in a clean sterile crock.
>      3. I next add half gallon of sugar syrup made by dissolving 2 lb. of 
> sugar in enough water to make half a gallon.
>      4. Cover with plastic wrap or plastic bag and  allow to come to room
>  temperature then add wine yeast and recover with plastic.
>      5. Allow to ferment for one week then separate the berries from the 
> and transfer the must to a clean sterile glass fermenter.
>      6. Add a sugar syrup made by dissolving 1 lb of sugar in enough water 
> make a quart and add to the must.
>      7. After one week add a quart of water.
>      8. If necessary after a further week add enough water to make up to 
> final volume of wine.
>      9. Proceed as with a concentrate from this point.
>      I am afraid that I don't fool with specific gravity, pH, etc., so I 
> not give you any guidelines on those things.
>      I do not know, but I do believe that the blackberry is indeed native to
>  Europe. If not I would be willing to bet that they were introduced to 
> in period.
>  Finn Normansson, OL

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