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> the next sentence repeats a remedy of "the erection of the yerde to synne,"
>  yerde, or yard ( as in yard stick) being a synonym for a prominent male
>  member. The remedy is to "put nettles in the codpeece about the yerde and
>  stones"!!!!
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xtal at sigenetics.com writes:
>  I'm not even a man and this idea has me squirming uncomfortably in my 
> chair.
    Cold Showers, anyone??
    Sounds like one of those penitential monastics, trying to deny his 
own biology.  The biggest mistake the Church ever made was requiring 
the clergy to be celibate.  In Judaism, you can *not* be a rabbi unless 
you're married!  Definitely helps one to understand his parishioners.
    Barony of Seleone, Kingdom of Meridies
    On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, southeast of Gulf Wars

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