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I'm not even a man and this idea has me squirming uncomfortably in my chair.


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I was just reading Martha Washington Cook book edited by Karen Hess. In it
Nettle seeds are attributed with the power to "stirreth up lust" However
the next sentence repeats a remedy of "the erection of the yerde to synne,"
yerde, or yard ( as in yard stick) being a synonym for a prominent male
member. The remedy is to "put nettles in the codpeece about the yerde and
	Oh for the good old days!!

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>>This might be a silly question, but hey...
>>What is Nettle?
>Stinging nettles - green leaves slightly hairy on the upperside.  if you
>brush against them they sting - not too bad but uncomfortable.  
>Urtica Dioca.  They grow plentifully around human settlements (& former
>settlements).   Flora Britannica says they like phosphates but my
>personal observation is nitrates.
>Culpeper  helpfully says " Nettles are so well known that they need no
>description; they may be found, by feeling, in the darkest night."
>He goes on to credit nettles with curative powers for just about
>everything (what on earth was strangling of the mother?).
>More modern authors say they contain Iron & Vitamin C.
>Barnacle Bill

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