hist-brewing: Nettle beer

Jeffry D Luck Jeffry.D.Luck at aexp.com
Sun Jun 3 09:46:15 PDT 2001

Proteus wrote:

>> This might be a silly question, but hey...
>> What is Nettle?

Then Bruce Gordon wrote

>    Common Nettle, or Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a
> tall (2 to 7 feet) perennial weed found in temperate zones
> all over the world. It prefers open waste ground, gardens,
> fence or hedge lines, etc. The juice, and infusions of the
> plant, have a number of medicinal uses; but due caution is
> advised -- it isn't called stinging nettle for nothing, the
> fresh leaves can raise serious blisters if handled improperly.
> Also, the entire plant slowly grows toxic with age.

Ok, another silly question -- why would I ever want to brew with this stuff?!?

Having a wonderful wine.  Wish you were beer.

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