hist-brewing: incomplete recipe ?

Mike ----- exytr at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 1 11:57:49 PDT 2001

thanks to all for all the info... the must is still bubbling merrily.  i 
have a couple more questions...

- the "smell" bubbling out of the lock is reminiscent of bread yeast (i used 
a champagne yeast) should i be worried?

- when i rack it to the secondary, i think there will be too little to fill 
the carboy.  what should i use to "fill the space"  more honey? plain water?

- i see that a fermenting pear juice is a perry... is a mead made with pears 
also a perry (as in a cyser being made with apples)?

thanks again


ps. i can only check mail every couple of days... sorry if there is a delay

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>i just starting in mead making and tried a recipe for a melomel that,
>further reflection, appears incomplete.
>sparing all the details -  my question is, now that the must (pears,
>raisins, and all) is bubbling away merrily, when do i separate out
>fruit? (or was there a "strain out the fruit bits" step missing from
>if more detail is needed to answer - let me know.  any help is

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