hist-brewing: ale yeast (was:lemonade)

Steven Sanders geigertube at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 17:32:03 PDT 2001

--- Rory McGowen <rory_mcgowen at yahoo.com> wrote
regarding a claim that ale yeast can ferment above 7%

> I've also heard people tell me that they've hit 30%
> with EC-1116 as
> well. . . but that doesn't make it true. . . 

Dear Rory,

I poked around at Lallemand.com, makers of the
nottingham ale yeast I like to use, and here is what
Dr. Clayton Cone of lallemand says.. 


"Most ale yeast can easily ferment up to 12% abv as
long as it is healthy and happy. The pH of wort (4.0+)
is optimum for this level of alcohol production (wine
with a pH as low as 3.0, is stressful on the yeast and
yet they easily reach 12 - 15 % abv.)."


Steven Sanders

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