hist-brewing: Re: lemonade

Rory McGowen rory_mcgowen at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 16:33:42 PDT 2001

Owen Hutchins wrote:
> NutriSweet will NOT ferment- it isn't a sugar!
> Owen
> "Life is too short to drink cheap beer"

But it is a long protein strand with the same receptors mimicing sugar.
I said it was only a guess.

> Without actually checking the specific gravity you really don't
> know how much sugar is left.  I think you just had 
> too much residual sugar and woke the yeast up when you bottled. 

I checked the SG twice. Once before the sweetener and once after. If you
check my message it reads:

> > Before adding the Nutrisweet, I took a SG reading. 
> > By my math, the sugar
> > content SHOULD have been only enough to carbonate the
> > soda. I then added
> > the sweetener to taste, and measured SG again. No big change there.

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