hist-brewing: ale yeast (was:lemonade)

M. Carver matt at invisionstudiosinc.com
Thu May 31 16:14:59 PDT 2001

> I've also heard people tell me that they've hit 30% with EC-1116 as
> well. . . but that doesn't make it true. . .

What's EC-1116? I'm familiar with the EC-1118 saccharomyces, which gives a
dry 18%. Maybe your people confused percent and proof? 15% = 30 pf of course
:) Of course I'm realizing anything over 30 pf would seem very unhistorical
(outside of historical fortifying)
> Had what? The same batch of yeast? Have you ever heard of autolysis? No?
> Look it up. Granted the only Yeast Lab yeasts that I have worked with
> were all "M" series, I haven't worked with the type you mention. But it
> can't be too terribly different from other yeasts considering its the
> same basic organism. They live and die in pretty much a set manner. I'll
> look for this YL01 tonight.
> Rory

How do you start a good yeast cultivation from local ambient strains?


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