hist-brewing: ale yeast (was:lemonade)

Rory McGowen rory_mcgowen at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 15:07:37 PDT 2001

Angus wrote:

> Where the heck did you get this info ???
> Surely not by experiment on your own ? 

Oh, yeah. I experiment with yeast constantly. A couple of the classes I
teach are on nothing but yeast and how to taylor your beverage through
yeast choice.

> I've personaly fermented meads with ale yeasts for a few years and I
> can honestly say that I haven't had a mead (with sufficient sugars
> added to it) that has finished below 13% by volume (roughly 10,5%
> by weight).  I've seen this "truth" about beer yests and their
> "inability" to ferment solutions above 7-9% from time to time but
> I've never believed it (but I've never seen any proof that it's
> true either).

I've also heard people tell me that they've hit 30% with EC-1116 as
well. . . but that doesn't make it true. . . 
> I never use any yeast nutrients /acid blends when making a mead
> batch.  I DO use the yeast for fermenting a batch of beer or two
> in between so it'll have a chance to get some nutrients (I only
> make all grain beers).

You'll have to explain yourself here, because it makes no sense (to me
at least) as stated. Are you saying that you are skimming yeast from one
batch to start the next? If that is so, then in fact you have no idea
what yeast you are really working with. If not, please explain. I
culture yeast for fun, and I may be interested in what you are saying.
>>I have made beer from nothing
>>but dry malt, hops, water, and yeast. . . And you can't tell me
>> that dry malt isn't fermentable.

> What is "dry malt"?  I guess it's malt that's pre-mashed and
> lautered then dried in some way ?

You say you make beer, but you've never heard of dry malt. That is
practically impossible. Not that it is impossible to make beer without
it, but that you haven't at least heard about it. It is merely malt that
has been spray dried (all water removed. . . pure malt sugars). EVERY
SINGLE BREW SHOP in the US sells the stuff.

> The yeast I'm using is an australian ale strain from Yeast Lab
> (the number was YL01 IIRC).  I've had it for close to two years now.
> /Angus.
> <snip>

Had what? The same batch of yeast? Have you ever heard of autolysis? No?
Look it up. Granted the only Yeast Lab yeasts that I have worked with
were all "M" series, I haven't worked with the type you mention. But it
can't be too terribly different from other yeasts considering its the
same basic organism. They live and die in pretty much a set manner. I'll
look for this YL01 tonight.

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