hist-brewing: Next Logical Step

M. Carver matt at invisionstudiosinc.com
Mon May 28 19:50:51 PDT 2001

Greetings, veteran meadmakers,

I am accepting suggestions for a 'next logical step' in my historical
mead-making series of experimentation. All have been tolerably successful
thus far, though not necessarily period. I am trying to steer toward as
early as possible as far as is acceptable to the modern palate (and gut, and
sense of hygiene). It might be a slight folly to think that an accurate
historical mead could be excellent in every way: for instance, in
durability/ageing. However, experiencing what heidrun meadery has done makes
me greatly interested in re-examining some of the qualities of primitive
meads. I have gradually weaned my recipes off of tannin and nutrients,
beginning with pure strong, dry mead (of local, raw purple sage honey of so.
cal.) and finding success in simplicity (and some lemons and a good
champagne yeast starter). I would like to continue that path, perhaps adding
fruit/spices/chips and/or removing lemon juice. I would like to do this in a
scientific fashion so I can have usuable (if undrinkable) results. I just
need to change one thing at a time. Suggestions welcome.

I would also like to find out how to find and cultivate a usable, naturally
ambient local yeast.


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