hist-brewing: mini-barrels

Chuck meadmakr at enteract.com
Thu May 3 05:03:19 PDT 2001

"Ralph Barker" <SquireAle at zianet.com> asked:
> Okay everyone here is one for the list. I am looking for something that =
> someone brought into my former brew supply store one day. They are small =
> 1-2.5 gallon barrels that were lined in plastic (i.e. reusable and easy =
> to clean). The one shown to me was tapped and came with a stand.=20
>   Anyone with any ideas on where to find these please let me know. =
> Someone told me there may be a medieval re-creation (SCA:) business in =
> Tucson that has them.=20
>   Any help would be appreciated.

Are you talking about an actual wooden barrel, or are you talking about
a standard homebrew metal (5L I think) mini-keg. The latter are of
course available everywhere (except maybe not in Tucson). :?>)


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