hist-brewing: lined barrels?

Shroom shroom at theriver.com
Wed May 2 10:50:03 PDT 2001


The only "renaissance" store I know of is Chivalry Sports (7718 E
Wrightstown, 520-722-1255), and they don't have any such item.  I called
the local brew shop, and they have barrels, but none plastic lined.  The
other place I know that used to have brewing supplies appears to be out
of business (Tucson Hobby Shop).

If you have additional details, I'd be glad to do the legwork for you,
but at the moment I can't think of where such items might be found in
this town.

Fred Bourdelier
Tucson, AZ

Ralph Barker wrote:

> Okay everyone here is one for the list. I am looking for something
> that someone brought into my former brew supply store one day. They
> are small 1-2.5 gallon barrels that were lined in plastic (i.e.
> reusable and easy to clean). The one shown to me was tapped and came
> with a stand.  Anyone with any ideas on where to find these please let
> me know. Someone told me there may be a medieval re-creation (SCA:)
> business in Tucson that has them.  Any help would be
> appreciated. Ralph Barker

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