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In a message dated Thu, 26 Apr 2001  8:41:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Deborah Wood <garwood at CAM.ORG> writes:

<< I will be doing a historic brewing demonstration at a beer festival
called the
Mondial de la Bière
in June in Montréal, Québec, Canada on the 14th ,15th and 16th in the
old port.
I will be brewing with a wood fire and no modern tools such as the
  < snip >
Each day I will brew a different style of beer, one day a gruit, one day
a spruce beer with braches of blue spruce to represent the colonial
period of Québec when spruce beer was very common, and I thought I would
make a period porter with brewing licorice and possibly cardamon.
   Go for it, gal!!  Sounds great!
   I know two methods of reaching mashing temperature without a thermometer: the 3-for-1 method and the 4-oz
ladle method.  Sometimes I use one, sometimes the other.
What do you use?
   Please post your final recipes to the List.  I'm interested in all three, and I'm sure others are too.
   Sorry I can't be there to cheer you on.  I'll be on the road in the Upper 48 the three previous weekends, and have to go back to Mississippi to pay the bills and pet the sorely neglected pussycat.

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