hist-brewing: smoked porter

Deborah Wood garwood at CAM.ORG
Thu Apr 26 05:37:02 PDT 2001

I will be doing a historic brewing demonstration at a beer festival
called the
Mondial de la Bière
in June in Montréal, Québec, Canada on the 14th ,15th and 16th in the
old port.
I will be brewing with a wood fire and no modern tools such as the
My equiptement consists of;
antique cast iron kettle from the USA civil war
wooden mash-lauder tun
wooden bucket,  barrel
wooden cool ship  etc.......
I will be doing brewing demonstrations the first 3 days with my special
guest Bill Owens.
Each day I will brew a different style of beer, one day a gruit, one day
a spruce beer with braches of blue spruce to represent the colonial
period of Québec when spruce beer was very common, and I thought I would
make a period porter with brewing licorice and possibly cardamon.
I plan on useing a percentage of smoked malt to give an interesting
smokey after taste.
My question for you is do you have any suggestions for the porter
target original gravity?  brewing licorice ?  cardamon?  pepper?
I will use a yeast that gives mature beer (stale) quite rapidly, but I
have maximum one week to plan the smoked porter that i will brew, and
then brew again during  the festival
over a wood fire..
I have a short amount of time to consider what I will do before I will
brew as samples of the recipie will be served in the stand by women in

Deborah Wood

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