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> Arguments aside on who was speaking, Socrates or Plato through Socrates,
>  didn't Socrates call himself the gadfly of Athens?  It takes a curmudgeon
>  to find fault with a fellow curmudgeon.  :-)
    I have a great deal more respect for Socrates than I do for Plato.
Early Plato, when he was writing down the Socratic dialogues, is okay.
Socrates questioned everything, and provided us with a method for 
inquiry which is still valid.  It is, in some sense, a precursor of Hegel's
brilliant but often misunderstood Dialectic.
    Later on, Plato built metaphysical structures which perverted the 
mainstream of Western philosophy for over two thousand years.  His 
"Forms" are purest blarney.  My Gaelic ancestors at their most fanciful 
did not say anything as ludicrous as the things Plato promulgated with 
a straight face.
    Scotti the curmudgeon.

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