hist-brewing: Ceramic Bottles

William A. Millett wmillett at fractal.com.br
Sun Apr 1 08:34:21 PDT 2001

I suggest that Ceramarte, a well known Brazilian ceramic stein maker be
consulted (ceramarte at ceraflame.com)
and http://www.ceramarte.com.br/index2.html The make steins for Anheuser
Busch, Miller etc. I know that they have once made a very nice ceramic
bottle for a locally (Brazil) sold  steinhager (a German distilled liquor).
They may sell them in the US.

Another site that deals with steins (including Cermarte's) is
http://www.joekosmoslabelline.com/ . They may have some information
regarding ceramic bottles.

I hope this helps.

wmillett at fractal.com.br

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