hist-brewing: Infusion vs. step mash

Jon Mull Jon.Mull at asu.edu
Mon Mar 26 06:59:21 PST 2001

Hello All:

I recently found an incredible source for locally (Arizona) malted barley.
The man I spoke to has a mico-malter, and delivered 2 row malted barley for
$0.40 a pound. 

I purchased a quantity, but since this will be my first time making a
scratch batch - I'm not sure which mash technique to use. 

>From what I've read, if the malt is highly modified I can use the one step
method. What does this mean? I did receive a lab report on the malt, but
don't have it in front of me now. What constitutes "highly modified"? How do
I know which is the best mashing method to use, other than by
experimentation? Cheers to all.

Jon Mull
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