hist-brewing: Traditional kegging?

ed somers kesomers at megalink.net
Sun Feb 25 08:14:54 PST 2001


I have been following this conversation and no mention has been made of
Rotokegs. I understand that they are difficult to get in the US now (I got
mine for $35 about 10 years ago) but they are wonderful. I brew a five
gallon batch of beer and put it in the round barrel which fills it about
half full. I then prime it with anywhere between 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of sugar.
This produces a mildly carbonated beer (experiment to find your preferred
level of acrbonation) that pours out of the tap easily. The tap is on the
side of the keg above the level of the beer so it needs some pressure to
come out. When the keg runs out of pressure, which it usually does after
half the batch, I just open the lid, quickly add 1/4 cup sugar and reclose
the lid. I could use the cabon dioxide canisters but those cost money and
the sugar works just as well. I usually wait a day and the pressure is
enough to serve more beer. Even though I am usually drinking this alone, I
have never had a batch of beer go bad even over months, except one time a
mouse chewed the rubber band that acted as a pressure release valve. 
	Incidentially if anyone knows how to get more of these little rubber bands
Id appreciate that information. Thanks ED

2/22/2001 -0600, BrewInfo wrote:
>Brian writes:
>>I'm relatively new to the list, but not to brewing. However, I'm tired of 
>>sanitizing bottle after bottle every single time I make a nice big batch of 
>>homebrew. I'd like to figure out how to set up a gravity (upsidedown) keg 
>>dispensing system that'll carbonate nicely without forcing me to set down 
>>the $400-odd for an old freezer, temp modulator, tap & kegging system. 
>>Anyone know how to do this?

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