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Fri Feb 23 17:18:13 PST 2001

Hey! this one I posted yesterday didn't show up either...now that I've
unsubbed and resubbed, maybe it'll come through. . .

adam larsen <euphonic at flash.net> writes:

>However, a
>great many ales made prior to the industrial revolution were served
>"live", directly out of the primary fermenter and were consumed flat.

Even if it is served by dipping it right out of an open fermenter, it is not
*necessarily* flat (perhaps "very nearly flat", though).  Unroused,
fresh, live beer can hold dissolved CO2 much in excess of equillibrium
concentration.  Maybe a quarter to a half volume even.  Or maybe none.
For some beers, "fermented to completion" means "stale".

Dan Butler-Ehle

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