hist-brewing: Re: The Birch Tree

ulfin at portup.com ulfin at portup.com
Fri Feb 23 17:15:43 PST 2001

>Hi.  I think the Birch you need is Betula lenta, a.k.a. the Cherry, Black,
>or Sweet Birch, not paper birch.

I've made it with the sap from white (paper) birch.  IIRC, I collected 15
of sap with a SG of 1.0032 (our sugar maples have been running between
1.004 and 1.005, so roughly half again as sweet as the white birch)
that I boiled down to one gallon. I tried yellow birch, but it didn't seem
as sweet.  Silver birch was okay, but it didn't run well.  Maybe I'll try
again this year (in my copious free time).

Dan Butler-Ehle

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