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ulfin at portup.com ulfin at portup.com
Fri Feb 23 16:57:42 PST 2001

I sent this the other day, but it never appeared...so here it is again.
Lucky you.

NATHAN T Moore, who is allergic to carriage returns, writes:

>You would have to switch the air-in and beer-out dip tudes to get the
>air-in dip tube to the bottom (now the top since it will be upside down)
>and above the beer level, and the beer-out below the beer level.  The
>other problem would be leaking beer around the lid since you would not
>have enough pressure to seal as the beer got lower or to intilay seal the
>lid without massive leaking, this could be solved by rigging something up
>to apply pressure to the lid, such as a cross bar across the top of the
>corney attached to the lid and pulling it up and into place.

The keg doesn't need to be inverted, nor do the intake and draw tubes
need to be reversed.  Just use a long serving hose, keep the keg elevated
above the dispensing faucet, and start a siphon.

But, as Scotti and Nathi have already mentioned, you have to vent it
to get the beer out (leave the lid relief valve in the open position) and
thus you'll lose your carbonation (unless you're consuming it all within
a few hours).

Dan Butler-Ehle

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