hist-brewing: flat beer

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Thu Feb 22 12:20:10 PST 2001

The comments issued by brewinfo at xnet.com are almost wholly correct
insofar as modern (i.e. industrial era) ales are concerned.  However, a
great many ales made prior to the industrial revolution were served
"live", directly out of the primary fermenter and were consumed flat.
One can still occasionally find a farm house ale which is served in such
a manner in the hinterlands of Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

Of course the problem is that a great many historical recipes are
terribly vague to the point that one can't make a reasonable
determination as to whether the ale was supposed to be carbonated or
served prior to the end of fermentation.  In my, experience making
historical ales I generally serve them with a low level of carbonation,
similar to contemporary real ales or some Baltic style farm & table

NeophyteSG at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 2/22/01 8:07:57 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> brewinfo at xnet.com writes:
>> Someone posted "you could serve it flat" which is absolutely not the
>> right way to serve ale of any kind.
> I was under the impression that most ales were served flat until
> modern times.
> Shawn

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