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Wed Feb 21 20:36:51 PST 2001

Kegs can be treated like a giant bottle and be primed with app. 1/4 cup 
dextrose/corn sugar to naturally condition to an appropriate level for ales.  
The bulk volume of a 5 gallon keg doesn't need as much priming sugar as 
individual bottles.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to get the keg to 
form a good seal around the O-ring lid after racking and priming your beer.  
I usually pressurize my kegs with CO2 to form the seal after priming, turn 
off the gas, and then let them condition naturally.  Otherwise, the slow 
amount of gas generated by the priming sugar fermentation simply leaks out 
and you have flat beer.
If you lay the kegs on the side, you could gravity dispense out of the short 
tube side (what would normally be for gas input) and then allow air to go 
into the keg with the long tube (what would normally be gas) since that would 
be above the liquid level of the inverted beer keg.  You could gravity pour & 
serve a "real ale" this way and manage for a few days before the beer becomes 
oxidized from exposure to air.
If you really want to maintain beer and treat it properly to protect it from 
air, you will have to purchase a CO2 tank and kegs.  Used ones can be located 
for much less then $400.
Bob Grossman

 From: "Brian M. Wise" <zymyrgy at hotmail.com>
 Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 01:29:47 -0800
 Subject: hist-brewing: Traditional kegging?
 I'm relatively new to the list, but not to brewing. However, I'm tired of 
 sanitizing bottle after bottle every single time I make a nice big batch of 
 homebrew. I'd like to figure out how to set up a gravity (upsidedown) keg 
 dispensing system that'll carbonate nicely without forcing me to set down 
 the $400-odd for an old freezer, temp modulator, tap & kegging system. 
 Anyone know how to do this?
 I'm thinking of building a three corny-keg system that can be stood upside 
 down with a simple hosetap & beerswitch for each (easy made black & tans!) 
 Will this work? Any suggestions (other than lying the things on their 
 sides?) And how much would one need to prime the carboys to get adequate 
 carbonation without CO2 or nitro? >>

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