hist-brewing: Traditional kegging possible

AlannnnT at aol.com AlannnnT at aol.com
Wed Feb 21 15:57:09 PST 2001

Actually, I think I have a simple solution. 

There is a hand pump that looks like a bicycle pump that has a ball or pin 
lock (your choice) fitting on the end. You can make a dispenser similar (but 
not exactly, so please don't yell) to serving real ale this way. You can use 
a regular picnic tap head. The beer will last about a week, if kept cold. 
Longer if you like the real ale flatness, as I do. 

You just pump it up to create enough pressure to dispense. But, it will not 
keep the beer from going flat because the CO2 in the beer will equalize with 
the oxygen-carbon dioxide mix that you pump into the keg. So, you will lose 
some carbonation, and the O2 will stale the beer. Available at homebrewshops.

So, you get a cheap way to use your corny kegs. BTW, it works for anyone with 
a corny, if you take it on the road with your keg as a spare or backup, in 
case you run out of CO2, or just don't want to lug the CO2 tank. 

Also, party pigs work very well, and take up a small space in a regular 
fridge, no extra gear necessary. 

Note, as a homebrewshop owner, I am not to be trusted for impartiality. I 
sell all this stuff in my store. 

Alan T


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