hist-brewing: html and AOL possible solution...

NeophyteSG at aol.com NeophyteSG at aol.com
Tue Feb 13 12:13:48 PST 2001

In a message dated 2/13/01 7:43:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
WyteRayven at aol.com writes:

These instructions came across another list that I am on. I dont know if they
work or not. I have aol, but the 5.0 version, and dont seem to have the html
trouble with that version.

Hope this helps, 



Thanks, it does help.  When Al posted the original message, I figured that I 
was at least one of the guilty parties.  I've already complained to AOL about 
this glitch.  Primarily, the problem occurs when you quote from a message in 
your reply.  Although the solution is a pain, I still have to believe that 
its better than pissing everyone off every time I post.  Thanks again.

Sidenote to Al: Just checking ... is this better?

Warm Regards,

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