hist-brewing: html and AOL possible solution...

WyteRayven at aol.com WyteRayven at aol.com
Tue Feb 13 07:18:03 PST 2001

These instructions came across another list that I am on. I dont know if they
work or not. I have aol, but the 5.0 version, and dont seem to have the html
trouble with that version.

Hope this helps, 


Here is the final word on stopping HTML from staying in AOL email, as 
approved by an AOL user.

If you have installed AOL's version 6.0 software, and have trouble 
with being unable to turn off HTML in your email, there is a solution.

For AOL email using Windows:

(1) Change your font to Arial 10 if not already on Arial 10 (Arial 10 
is the AOL default).

(2) Write your message.

(3) Highlight the entire message (including signature) using the 
mouse (or do ctrl-A to do the same thing).

(4) Right click anywhere within the message itself. A 'popup menu' 
appears. Move the cursor to "text", and another menu will appear. 
Move the cursor to "normal" and click on it.

In a message dated Tue, 13 Feb 2001  9:33:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,
PBLoomis at aol.com writes:

<< In a message dated 2/12/01 11:47:43 AM Central Standard Time, 
brewinfo at xnet.com writes:

> It seems as though there is a marked increase in the number of posts
>  that include html.  Since I read all my email with an ascii mail reader,
>  that's quite a mess.  Could posters try to set their mailers to just
>  send ascii?  Thanks.
    I'm with you, Al.  However, there seem to be a number of ISP-
specific software packages out there which have no instructions 
on how to turn off the ******* html.
    We can do ourselves and our comrades a real favor if the folks
who know about this kind of thing will help the dummies like me.
Does anybody know how to turn the html on AOL on/off??

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