hist-brewing: Name that Drink... (please?)

Marc Shapiro m_shapiro at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 12 16:36:09 PST 2001


As others have said, it sounds like you are asking about sekanjabin (the
'b' is pronounced as a 'v', as in 'sekanjavin').  You can find a recipe
for it in "Cariadoc's Miscellany" at:


As Cariadoc says, this is the only recipe in the "Miscellany" that comes
from a modern source, i.e. A Book of Middle Eastern Food, by Claudia

Mint is easy to grow, and well worth it just for the sekanjabin syrup. 
We have about a half gallon of the syrup on hand just waiting to be



Robert Lowe wrote:
> I was at a medieval style festivle and I was given a drink that seemed to be
> composed of some kind of vinegar.  I was told that it was a traditional drink
> that was ment to cool you down (often given to people in the summer after a
> long days work).  Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the drink.  I would
> like to know how to make it though because it really did what it was supposed
> to.  It tasted like a drink one would expect to have been brewed for the
> peasentry, any ideas as to what it could be?
> Any clues will be much appreciated!

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