hist-brewing: Desert island brewing

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Sun Feb 11 08:28:32 PST 2001

I don't know if any of you have seen the British version of "Survivor".
Comparing the shows sums up cultural differences pretty quickly.  The
American version is about competition and women in bikinis, the British
version is about being wet and keeping a stiff upper lip, the Canadian
version is about being cold in the middle of nowhere.

Not being much of a TV watcher, I saw only one episode of the British
version, but its focus was on brewing.  If the rules were that they could
only bring what they could carry, they carried a lot of beer and wine kits!
The results appeared to be the worst stereotype of kit brewing - all sour
and cloudy.  Being British, they kept a stiff upper lip and held their noses
and didn't much care about the flavour as long as it contained enough
alcohol to keep a steady buzz going for the year they spent on the Scottish

Makes you realize how the British empire did so well.  The nation of my
birth being alcoholics, they never got thirsty enough to drink the local
water so were free of all of the intestinal disorders that killed other
Europeans like flies.

Now, on to the point of this email.  Shawn (NeophyteSG) mentions fermenting
cabbage, which reminded me:  the one British Survivor who appeared to know
anything about brewing headed down to the shore and gathered up a bushel of
seaweed, which she steeped and steamed to extract the sugars.  Naturally,
no-one would touch the stuff, despite probably being the only really
acceptable booze on the island.

The rest of the recipe was not shown.  Anyone know anything about seaweed as
a fermentable?  Any sample recipes?  I'm about as far from salt water as a
person could get, but I'm intrigued.

Sean Richens
srichens.spamsucks at sprint.ca

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