hist-brewing: Honeys from Oz

Dan McFeeley mcfeeley at keynet.net
Sat Feb 10 08:40:55 PST 2001

Tom Smit passed on to me that there are about 800 species and subspecies
of Eucalyptus in Australia.  Yikes, that's even more variety that I
gathered from reading the description in _ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture_!

Like I was saying (or hoped I was saying clearly enough :-), with variation
like this in the floral source, the bitterness Acton & Duncan describe in
what they called "eucalyptus blossum honey" couldn't possibly be a 
characteristic of the honey.  It seems that any bitterness in exported
Austrialian honeys, whether Leatherwood, Eucalyptus or others, is more
likely something picked up during the process of getting the honey ready
for shipment, maybe even during the shipment itself.  Heat in a cargo bay
could damage honey quality, for example, but that's only a guess on my
part as to what happened.

What a shame, I think Eucalyptus honey(s) was given a bad name for years
because of this misstatement by Acton & Duncan.  Whatever it was they
tried, it couldn't possibly have been the genuine stuff!

Dan McFeeley
mcfeeley at keynet.net

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