hist-brewing: The last from Chuck on leatherwood honey

Chuck meadmakr at enteract.com
Fri Feb 9 05:01:37 PST 2001

Previously I wrote:

>My teacher said something about the leatherwood trees bloom earliest in
>the spring in the Smokey/Appalachian mountains (in the Northern part of
>the Southeastern US) and the beekeepers there haul their hives up on
>the mountains for just a few weeks when the trees are blooming.             

And Jeff (Jeff Renner <nerenner at umich.edu>) answered:

> I very much doubt that there is any domestic leatherwood honey.  It 
> sounds as though the trees are unique to Tasmania.

Wuuuuuups!!  My bad. My beekeeping instructor was talking about 
SOURwood honey. There are no US leatherwood trees. The only place you
can get it from is down under. :(

Sorry for the confusion. 

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