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> > food shop (now, alas, gone) and didn't care for the taste. Another
> > thought has hit me--they wouldnt dehydrate the honey to reduce shipping
> > weight & volume would they???
> You're honey is already dehydrated - by the bees. It should be under 17%
> (the average for all honeys). If it contains more than 17% it'll
> ferment. It's unlikely that shippers would dehydrate any further.
Agreed.  In fact, it would be in their best business interests to do so ... 
water is cheap.  It did occur to me though that it was mentioned that the 
honey was packaged in a "tin".  If it was "canned", I wonder if the canning 
process (AKA heating/pasteurizing) might not have had something to do with 
the change in flavor and texture.

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