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Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Thu Feb 8 06:35:15 PST 2001

An importer to North America is http://www.rainforesthoney.com/. 
There are as yet no prices on the web site, so I emailed for pricing 
and got this:

Reply-To: "Robert Long" <CEO at rainforesthoney.com>
From: "Robert Long" <CEO at rainforesthoney.com>
To: <nerenner at umich.edu>
Subject: INFORMATION - Jeff Renner
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:25:40 -0800
Organization: Rainforest Honey Co.
X-Priority: 3

Dear Jeff;
Thank you for your enquiry about our unique honeys.  For your 
perusal, I have attached an order form which identifies shipping, 
prices, etc..  Briefly, if you decide what you would like to order, I 
will get back to you directly with a total cost (which includes 
shipping, etc.).  At the moment I can only accept personal cheques or 
$US money orders (whichever is convenient for you) which are payable 
upon receipt of your order (I want to make sure that everything 
arrives OK).  If you should wish to order, we provide the following 
1) Complete the attached form, print it out and fax it to 1 877 
55HONEY (554 6639);
2) Mail the completed form to:
     Rainforest Honey Co.,
     P.O. Box 1123,
     Sooke, BC,
     V0S 1N0, Canada
  3) Telephone us at 1 877 55HONEY (554 6639); or
4)   Return the following via e-mail.

Type of honey and quantity
Postal Code:
(fax and telephone number are requested so I can contact you if necessary)

Until we finish our Online Ordering, payment at this point is either 
check or money order.

Again, thank you very much for your inquiry and should you have any further
questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly;

Robert Long                                           Rainforest Honey Co.
Rare, organic honey's from Australia's remote virgin rainforests.
<mailto:CEO at rainforesthoney.com>CEO at rainforesthoney.com
                             Web Page: 
P.O. Box 1123 Sooke, British Columbia,    V0S 1N0  Canada
Toll Free: 1 877 55HONEY (554 6639) Fax:(1)250 642 0654

Below are the price and availability of our unique honeys. If you wish to
order, you can fax us, mail us, telephone us, or send us an e-mail message.

To order by fax (North America only) or mail, please complete the form at
the bottom, print it out and either fax (1 877 55HONEY) or mail it (P.O. Box
1123, Sooke, BC, V0S 1N0, Canada).
In North America, to order by telephone use our toll free number (1 877
55HONEY). If I am not available, please leave your name and telephone number
(with area code) and I will return your call.  For Overseas calls our number
is 1 250 642 0654.
To order by e-mail, send a message with the information located at the
bottom (i.e. address, etc.).
When we receive your order, we will calculate the shipping (see SHIPPING)
and then contact you with your order's total cost. Payment can be made by
cheque, or money/postal order in $US funds.

Shipping is extra.  To keep costs low, orders are shipped via the Post
Office - unless other arrangements are made (i.e. to ship via courier).
Shipping includes postage, insurance ($1.00 per $100.00), and a nominal
$CAN5.00 ($US3.57) handling fee.

PLEASE contact us prior to sending your payment, so we may determine the
total cost (shipping plus product ordered).  Payment options at this 
point are cheque or money order.

Prices are in Canadian Funds and are subject to change without notice (as of
01 Dec 00 the exchange rate is approximately $US1.00 = $CAN1.40)
For items shipped out of country, individuals are responsible for any
applicable customs charges - check with your local customs office (to date
there has been no difficulties with US Customs).

375 Gram Tins Leatherwood/Meadow Honey (375 grams is approximately 12 ounces)
one (1) 375 gram tin - $8.00 ($US5.71)
1/2 case (6 each x 375 gram tins) - $37.50 ($US26.79)
one (1) case (12 each x 375 gram tins) - $70.00 ($US50.00)

750 Gram Tins of Leatherwood (750 grams is approximately 24 ounces)
one (1) 750 gram tin - $14.50 ($US10.35)
1/2 case (3 each x 750 gram tins) - $37.50 ($US26.79)
one (1) case (6 each x 750 gram tins) - $60.00 ($US42.86)

2 Kilogram Tins Leatherwood (approximately 4 pounds)
one (1) 2 kg tin - $31.50 ($US22.50)
1/2 case (3 each x 2 kg tins) - $92.50 ($US66.07)
one (1) case (6 each x 2 kg tins) - $173.00 ($US123.57)

3 Kilogram Tins Leatherwood (approximately 6 pounds)
one (1) 3 kg tin - $45.00 ($US32.14)
1/2 case (3 each x 3 kg tins) - $120.00 ($US85.71)
one (1) case (6 each X 3 kg tins) - $225.00($US160.75)

375 Gram Hexagonal Glass Jars Tropical Rainforest (375 grams is 
approximately 12 ounces)

Postal Code:
(fax and telephone numbers are requested so I may contact you if 
necessary.  Please note that all information provided is kept 
strictly CONFIDENTIAL and will not be sold nor disclosed to a third 
party.  In addition, information included in this message is subject 
to change without notice).
R.E. Long
Rainforest Honey Co.
Jeff Renner in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, c/o nerenner at umich.edu
"One never knows, do one?"  Fats Waller, American Musician, 1904-1943
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