hist-brewing: Melomel with Leatherwood honey

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In a message dated Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:27:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, NeophyteSG writes:

>$9 for 3/4cup!? Even taking into account that smaller >containers usually cost more than buying in bulk, that >works out to around $18/lb. Ouch! That's even more >expensive than Heather Honey here in the US. That >tends to lead me to believe that Leatherwood is >indigenous to Australia, leading to higher import >costs. Tom?  

Thats what I guessed. I thought it was strictly an import. I havent done a search on the web yet, to see if it can be bought in bulk anywhere. If it can, that might be the way to go.
>When you say "grainy" are you sure the honey hadn't >started to crystallize?  

That's what I suspect. What made me a little unsure is that the container does say something about the honey being grainy, and if you want a more liquid honey to set the container in warm water. That probably indicates that the honey isnt as fresh as it could be, but since it is coming from australia or new zealand, that doesnt surprise me. I just wasnt sure if perhaps the grainyness (is that a word?) might be cause because the honey isnt filtered. Could the bitterness that I tasted also be from traces of bee pollen? My mother is a great proponent of health foods, and one of the things she takes is bee pollon, and she convinced me to take a large spoonfull once, saying that it "tasted just like honey". Blech! It does not!

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