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Disclaimer:  Sorry to those on the hist-brewing list that are offended by SCA 
related stuff.  This is a mass mailing to several lists.

Howdy All!  It's been quite on some of these lists for a while!  I've got 
some info to pass on to all of you who might be attending Gulf Wars next 
month.  I'll be teaching two classes that should interest novice and expert 
alike.  I gave the first one a trial run at Winterkingdom in Ansteorra last 
month and it was met with smashing success!

The first class is on hop varieties. Let me give you a run down:  In the 
first 45-60 minutes, we go through a discussion of the different factors that 
effect a hop's bittering and flavor/aroma characteristics.  This includes a 
discussion of trends in these factors that make some hops used for one style 
of beer verses another.  (i.e. English type beers vs. German type beers, 
ect...)  There is also some technical stuff like hop utilization and how to 
predict bitterness, but most of the discussion is centered around predicting 
what _kind_ of effect different hops have.  For the second half of the class 
we put theory into practice.  I have prepared a 10 gallon batch that I split 
10 ways.  Each sample was brewed following as close to the same procedure as 
I could, but with a different hop! We taste these and discuss how they relate 
to the theory discussed in the first hour.

Sounds cool, no?  Like I said, I learned alot by doing it myself! I didn't 
have the level of appreciation myself till I went through the taste testing 
with the other students!!!  There were two or three non-brewers at the class 
who just enjoyed the heck out of it too!

There is a second class where we will do the same sort of discussion and 
tasting session, only this time I have made a 10 gallon batch split 10 ways 
with different yeasts!  

These classes unfortunately won't make the brochure for Gulf due to a screwup 
with the class-o-crat's office (This is the second year in a row they've 
messed it up! I complained about it loudly).  They say they'll herald it and 
have it on postings around camp, but we all know how that goes....  So, I'm 
putting out the word myself.  Come one, come all!  It should be a good time!  
If you can't attend gulf, I'm tentatively planning on teaching the same 
classes this year at Pennsic.  (Hopefully _they_ can produce a class 


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