hist-brewing: Melomel with Leatherwood honey

Tom Smit lunica at ozemail.com.au
Mon Feb 5 16:27:05 PST 2001

Hi all, 

  Just pitched my Leatherwood & canteloupe melomel. The yeast starter
made with a pinch of yeast nutrient was incredible, I think it was going
even before I fitted the airlock to the bottle! It smelled really clean
& yeasty & seemed to have made a huge amount of yeast.

  I pitched it into 14l of honey-water-canteloupe mix of SG 1094. I
don't think that is really high for a mead. Should I add more honey to
the fermenter?

  I used Acton & Duncan "Making Mead" so added acid & tannin which, of
course, I read immediately  afterwards is all bad advise like much of
the rest of that book! Anything I could do to avoid too acid/astringent
a melomel?

  I know I was advised not to use rock melon but the melon I used is, I
think Charentai, is white flesh with a honey-like taste anyway, not a
pink fleshed thing with a strong 'rock melon' flavor. Infinitely
superior and subtler all together.

  I have become reasonably proficient at brewing nice beers, this is my
first mead/melomel. I will probably post a few more questions!


Tom Smit

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