hist-brewing: all wheat extract

BrewInfo brewinfo at xnet.com
Mon Jan 29 11:30:25 PST 2001

tannim asks for all-wheat extract.

That would be Ireks, but I would recommend against using that extract.
I've used it twice and the first time I thought I had scorched the wort
because it tasted very smoky and burnt.  The second time, I made sure to
not scorch it and it still had that very unpleasant flavour.

You can make all-wheat beer from scratch, but you need to use wheat malt
(not unmalted wheat) and several pounds of rice hulls to set up a filter
bed in the mash (wheat malt has no husk).  Then, treat it like a regular
mash, but you may want to include a protein rest at 135-140F for 15 minutes
because wheat has quite a bit more protein than barley.

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