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Sun Jan 28 18:36:03 PST 2001

I've also noticed additional clarity and sediment on the occasional bottle of 
beer of mine that froze. I think that the freezing process might break out 
some proteins in the beer and allow them to settle out.  Sort off a quick 
"chill proofing" of beer as opposed to long lagering at near freezing 
Bob Grossman

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 Depends on the alcohol content.  Generally about 20 degrees F.
 The water crystals will freeze first at 32 degrees F.  (Remove them for 
 a traditional ice beer).
 Generally the freeze will not be detremental to the beer.  I drove cross 
 country in January with beer, mead and wine.  The temperatures were well 
 below freezing.  Upon getting to sunny LA, all was fine.
 PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:
 > In a message dated 1/23/01 5:34:56 PM Central Standard Time, a friend who 
 > about to fly on an airborne scientific mission writes:
 >>  Help!  What is the freezing point of beer? >>

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