hist-brewing: Buckwheat mead - fining

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Tue Jan 23 16:09:27 PST 2001


Your questions & the best answers I can come up with:
> > Use 1/2 bottles and close with FLANGE CORKS.
> >
> Sean
>     What's a half bottle?
375 mL or 13 oz.  Half of a standard wine bottle.  I might suggest using
regular wine bottles as you might get a better drink/sediment ratio than I

>     What's a flange cork?
Just a cork stopper with a plastic handle - like on brandy bottles, so that
you don't use a corkscrew.  They're different in that they don't breathe
like standard corks.

  How do you seal
> one of those with wax?

I was kind of hard up there and melted down a few candles.  I put the wax in
a tomato paste can and sat that in a pot of hot water.  Sealing wax doesn't
seem to be the thing to use, either, being too hard.  Does anyone know what
wax is traditional for sealing fortified wines?

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT if you've never made anything with >15% alcohol
before - DON'T lie the bottles down!!  Alcohol levels of 16% and up dissolve
unpleasant-tasting resins from cork.  I've done it by mistake and it's
undrinkable.  You have to bulk age until it's ready, then bottle and seal
hermetically, hence the wax.


>     Scotti
>     Too old to be afraid to ask dumb questions.

Having made enough dumb mistakes, I know how good a policy that is.

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