hist-brewing: Heather Honey Mead

Mon Jan 22 07:28:40 PST 2001

>I don't know what kind of buckwheat you have  I got mine from Dutch
Gold in
>Lancaster, Pa.  I offered a jar of it to my wife for baking, but she
>saying it "smelled like barnyard". Mine is *very* strongly flavored.

I recently purchased 5 gal of buckwheat honey from Oregon after doing a
bit of research (Bees Knees Honey Factory), which is currently
fermenting away in some Apple Butter Cyser, and a straight mead and
smells amazing and the honey had a awesome flavor, almost like caramel. 
When I was doing some research before purchasing I found in a few places
that there is supposable a huge difference between domestic buckwheat
honey, like I believe Dutch Gold is selling, and wild buckwheat honey
from the West Coast.  The Wild Buckwheat honey is supposed to be a much
finer honey.  So maybe the difference in experiences is based on the
differences in the two honeys.  Although, since I only have experience
with the west coast honey, I can not confirm this.  Can anyone else?


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