hist-brewing: Re: buckwheat mead

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Sun Jan 21 18:18:34 PST 2001

I'm with Karen.  Buckwheat honey makes a wonderful dessert wine using
fed-batch to get up to about 18% alcohol.  Yep, it takes a year, but it's
great.  The protein sludge just keeps on coming, though.


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> It's like buckwheat honey, a 100%
> buckwheat mead would also be undrinkable for years, but
> then that's another story... :?>)
> Now that I have to disagree with, I have made a 100% buckwheat mead.  Yes,
> you need to wait at least a year to drink, but mead is for the patient in
> opinion.  I don't doubt that it will only improve, and compared to the
> accident with the cherry wine/buckwheat mead, it is stronger tasting.  But
> than I happen to like the stronger flavored honeys for straight meads.
> Karen

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