hist-brewing: spontaneous ferment mead

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Thu Jan 18 13:21:14 PST 2001

I'm not sure of the origin of the term "show" mead.  It is one that has been
used by the Mazer Cup Mead Competition and some others to designate a mead made
with nothing more than honey, water, and yeast.  This lets out meads that have a
small amount of tea, lemon, etc. added as flavor enhancers.  It's for the
"purist." I think that the MCMC organizers got it from a British reference, but
I can't cite it.


Kirsty Pollock wrote:

> What is the origin of the term 'show mead'?? What kind of show? Surely there
> are many shows one could enter meads into with each their own rules?
> Or is it, as I suspect, and often is, an assumption that we are all in the
> SCA? (not particularly griping at the SCA bods, but at assumptions of any
> sort).

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